• KYEC eFab stops supporting TLS1.1 encrypted communication protocol on
    2022 Nov. 7 (Mon.) Taiwan Time (GMT +8)
    Thank you for your support to our company, for continue to provide you with safer service quality,
    KYEC will improve the encryption level of network transmission, Stop supporting TLS1.1 encryption protocol,
    Users of operating systems such as Windows XP and Vista will not be able to use,
    And it is recommended to upgrade to Windows 7 (inclusive) or above operating system in advance,
    Some browsers will not be able to use eFab services because the agreed security level is too low.

    Please use IE11 or above, Chrome38 or above, Firefox27 or above, or Safari7 or above
    to browse the web with the latest version of the browser,
    and confirm that the encrypted communication protocol above TLS1.2 has been enabled.
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